Hello! I am Usua Landa, founder of Ulaland

The story of a hat enthusiast who had never thought of dedicating herself to it.

I was born on Saint Catherine's Day, the patron saint of hatters and milliners. By chance? It's possible, but you'll see...

In France and Switzerland, a particular tradition is celebrated on this day. The "catherinettes," unmarried women over the age of 25, would go to pray to Saint Catherine while wearing a bright green and yellow hat, hoping she would help them find a husband.

You can imagine that today, this tradition is obsolete because not every 25-year-old woman prioritizes marriage. But the fact that my birthday is marked by sewing and hats has a special magic for me.

Since I was a child

I remember enjoying and feeling special wearing hats and berets of all kinds since I was little. During adolescence, you know... it's adolescence. I stopped using them for a while.

I forgot about them for a long time, so imagine, it wasn't in my plans to dedicate myself to hat making, and I studied computer engineering.

Years later, while looking for a headpiece for my wedding, I stumbled upon a store that only sold millinery supplies. I was so struck by the fact that a store sold only that, that I went on an adventure and bought materials without knowing what to do with them. You could say I felt the calling! I just followed my instinct. I had the opportunity to go to Madrid to learn from a wonderful seamstress who taught me the basics.

Since then, I haven't been able to stop learning new techniques and immersing myself more and more in this exciting world of millinery. Learning the basic techniques and continuing to make hats in a traditional way:

by hand, with care, using good materials, with good finishes, and designed to last.

Where to buy?

You can purchase your Ulaland on our website or, if you prefer, in these stores.